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The ZQ lab is led by Professor Qi Zeng, Research Director at the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR. Our team pioneered the use of monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy to target the intracellular phosphatase PRL3, which was discovered in 1998 by Prof Zeng.


PRL3 was first linked to cancer metastasis by the Vogelstein Lab in 2001. Since then, research has firmly established PRL3 as a key oncoprotein that has pleiotropic effects, regulating many cancer-related signaling pathways and promoting several hallmarks of cancer.



PRL3-zumab, our first Flagship drug, provides a totally new paradigm for immunotherapy to treat not only cancers, but also other human diseases associated with PRL3 overexpression. Intra-immuSG (IISG), an A*STAR spun-off biotech, has a rich pioneering platform with a strong clinical pipeline of humanized antibody drugs / vaccinations to meet urgent unmet medical needs and to offer new hope for hard-to-treat patients across the world.

From 2017-2018, PRL3-zumab completed Phase 1A and 1B Clinical Trials at the National University Hospital Singapore (NUHS). The study revealed the drug’s strong safety profile and early efficacy.

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#03-01/02, 61, Biopolis Drive, Proteos, Singapore 138673

+65 6586 9661

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